Building a community based app around events, locations and people, helping them connect in real life.

Building the suptho app

The Suptho app was poised to transform the landscape of online event and location representation, aiming to demonstrate the enhanced interactivity and enjoyment possible through shared virtual experiences. With this vision, Suptho introduced the concept of "ecosystems" - virtual representations of real-world locales, populated by their actual occupants. These ecosystems could encompass a diverse array of settings, from university dormitories to sporting arenas and music festivals.


I did a comprehensive redesign of crucial features, including maps, ecosystems, and events. My work facilitated improved user discovery and engagement with these elements, ultimately fostering increased participation in virtual gatherings.


One of my primary challenges during the development of these features was the imperative to enhance comprehensibility and user-friendliness. Given the app's content and image-rich nature, I found myself constantly striving to strike a delicate balance between visual cleanliness and liveliness.

Building Ecosystems

As the foundational element of the Suptho app, I recognized that ecosystems demanded a seamless virtual setup process. Consequently, I prioritized this aspect, ensuring it was one of the first features I meticulously designed.

Discovering Ecosystems

Following the establishment of ecosystems, my next objective was to enable users to effortlessly discover and join these virtual communities. This led me to create a discovery feature, which I designed to simultaneously function as a curated recommendation feed for curious users.

I extended the project scope to develop supplementary features, including cheering mechanisms, user profiles, and digital wallets. I also undertook the significant task of reconstructing a large portion of Suptho's Design System to accommodate and integrate these functionalities seamlessly.

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