Pallet Landing Page


Reenvisioned what Pallet stands for with their new product and business.

The landing page was outdated from 2022 and no longer accurately reflected the company's current business processes. I was tasked with redesigning the landing page to improve inbound candidate and creator acquisition.



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new clients

After launching the redesigned landing page, signups doubled, leading to a significant influx of new companies and candidates onboarding to the Pallet platform.


Catering to three distinct audiences - companies, candidates, and creators - meant prioritizing what content to feature prominently. The final design decisions highlighted our performance statistics and unique selling points, covering key advantages over competitors and traditional job boards.

Creator Highlights

Creators are vital to Pallet's model, so highlighting them was a top priority. Each creator has their own niche audience, so showcasing them allows companies to access curators most relevant to their hiring needs.

I collected testimonials from companies who successfully hired through Pallet to provide social proof and improve conversion rates from the landing page.

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