Hawking UI System


Designed a new UI System to show high volume data with improved readability

Hawking UI

Hawking, the newly developed UI Frontend, was specifically designed for the revamped Pallet system. Its primary focus was to efficiently handle high volumes of candidate data flowing through the Pallet platform.


Hawking is currently being utilized as an internal tooling solution for Pallet.

However, the Hawking components and items are poised to be integrated into

more consumer-facing products in the future.


Striking a balance between ensuring comprehensibility, enhancing readability, and simultaneously accommodating the display of extensive candidate information within the table layout posed a significant challenge during the construction phase.


The Candidate Details feature was implemented in a sidebar-style Candidate Profile, enabling users to thoroughly examine candidate information without leaving the main database context. This innovative approach allowed for seamless switching between different candidate profiles, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Additionally, the usage of filters facilitated live updates within the main table without navigating away from it, leveraging the sidebar functionality.

Constructing the sidebar items while maintaining table responsiveness presented another challenge during the development process. Prioritizing which columns to display and which would resize when the sidebar occupied more than 30% of the screen space was a critical consideration.

Table actions were implemented in the form of an action bar, appearing upon row selection. This action bar provided space for selection details, along with three primary actions, expandable to accommodate up to five actions.

Hawking encompasses various information utility UI components, but the index table serves as the highlight of the system. All Hawking components were meticulously designed to support and complement the table's functionality.

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