Creator Landing Pages


Designed Customizable landing pages for creators, optimized for conversion

Pallet Creators

A core part of Pallet's value is partnering with high-profile creators, allowing companies to access their niche audiences for hiring. I was tasked with designing dedicated landing pages to spotlight each creator.




more signups



less signup time

After launching the new creator landing pages and intake flows, we saw signups double, leading to a significant influx of new companies and candidates joining the Pallet platform, directly attributed to the optimized creator marketing flows.


Creators have their own distinct themes, aesthetics, and specialties. The major challenge I faced was building a flexible landing page system that could extend and adapt to any creator's unique branding and audience.

Custom role cards denoted their majority audience's skillset and/or theirs.


The creator landing pages featured two primary calls-to-action leading to redesigned intake forms for companies and candidates.

For candidates, I optimized the form by enabling direct sign-ups from the landing page or shared links, autofilling fields by connecting to their Pallet accounts. This streamlined process eliminated the need to manually track link clicks and form entries.

I also gathered testimonials from companies who successfully hired through Pallet to showcase as social proof on the creator pages, improving conversion rates.

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